Business Affiliations

Featuring a plethora of crafts, Art, and fresh, local foods

81 Louisa Avenue, Mineral, Virginia

Every Saturday  May through October  8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Choice Ceramic Pottery and Art by May Shorten Townley

Local grocery and artisan market featuring seasonal food, local art and music.  

205 West Man Street, Louisa, Virginia

Ceramic Pottery and Paintings by May Shorten Townley

Art Gallery and Teaching Center for Fine Arts

Sophia Street Silversmith House

Fredericksburg, Virginia


Featuring Juried and Member Exhibitions


Unique Viewpoints National Juried Exhibition  (February, 2018)

Artist:  May Shorten Townley

Title:  In Search of the Jetty

Medium:  Ceramic and glass on Canvas

Dimensions:  12in. H x 12in.W x 1in. D

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients for immediate enjoyment in a quaint, artisan styled environment

1810 E. Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 

Coffee mugs by May Shorten Townley

A Virginia Green Certified Restaurant situated in an authentic antiquated Firehouse

2016 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia

Oil and Acrylic Paintings by May Shorten Townley

Purcell Art Gallery, and Performing Arts Center

 212 Fredericksburg Ave, Louisa, Virginia 23093


Featuring Juried Art Exhibitions

Fire and Ice Group Exhibition:  January 25 to March 22, 2019

"Fire and Ice, Oil on Canvas

"In Search of the Jetty"  Mixed Medium on Canvas

by May Shorten Townley

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Gift Shop, The Morin Gallery and Learning Center for the Arts

Main Street, Orange, Virginia

Pottery, Paintings and Assemblage Art by May Shorten Townley