Art Around Town

My ceramic sculpture entitled, "Aesop's Twisted Fables: Sew, Who are Your True Friends?" sold at the exhibition "Folklore, Fables, Fairy Tales and Flapdoodle" hosted by the Morin Gallery in Orange, Virginia.  This little mouse has now found a permanent home with true friends!

Mugs and Pots are daily fare, but there is a special delight when a painting or sculpture finds a home.  Pictured are a few pieces that have recently sold.  Left to right:  Tomatoes, Celebration, Butterfly on a Leaf

It was a pleasure to see that one of my art patrons chose to use my painting, "A Good Read"  as a staging feature in the sale of their beautiful townhouse located in Reston, Virginia.

The magnificent waterfront townhouse went to contract in a matter of days.  How exciting for the both of us!

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